Do you want to be the expert Pediatric Chiropractor in your community? Imagine checking and adjusting 100s of children including babies and toddlers!


  • If you qualify, (completion of the masters program) Mission Life International University can provide you with this incredible experience.​

    Our 8 Day Chiropractic Pediatric Hands On Clinical Rotation covers 4 hours of class instruction and 40 hours of hands on clinical instruction on all major components of pediatric chiropractic. This includes exam skills, spinal, cranial and dural adjusting techniques. You will be working with real children, babies and toddlers! In 8 days, you will check and adjust more children and babies than many chiropractors see in 4 years! After you complete the first 4 days of the Hands on Program, you will spend the next 4 days teaching basic chiropractic pediatrics to our chiropractic students who will join us for a chiropractic mission trip. We feel that once you are able to teach this work you will own this work. We will be right there with you ghuiding you through this experience. The Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship is a work-based route into teaching. ... You'll receive a combination of classroom teaching and hands on instruction to chiropractic students from various chiropractic colleges.​

    To maximize your hands-on experience, we accept only 16 chiropractors  per class. Plus you must have completed the Pediatric Masters program including passing all examinations of this program.​

    On completion of the video and e book program you will receive a certificate from the Excellence Pediatric program stating you have successfully completed 175 hours of postgraduate studies in chiropractic pediatrics. After completion of the 4 day Hands on Program you will have received 200 hours and awarded the Paragon Diploma. You then begin the 4 day chiropractic teaching experience. If you choose our 4 day teaching program, there will be no fee for the teaching experience. In fact, we include your room and board at the Codevi Hotel during this teaching experience. After completing the 4 day chiropractic pediatric teaching experience you will be awarded  "The Avatar Diploma."​ You have now successfully completed 250 hours of postgraduate studies in chiropractic pediatrics.

    Imagine being the top expert pediatric chiropractor in your community,  in your state, in your country? Imagine having the most extensive hands on experience with newborns, infants, toddlers children and pregnant women in your community, in your state, in your country.  ​

    Imagine being the top expert in the chiropractic care of pregnant women

    Our program comprehensively covers all aspects of pediatric chiropractic care.

    Our instruction is presented with your hands on examination, (we teach and then you examine) as well as your spinal and cranial adjusting techniques that we teach with hundreds of children. We have hundreds of children, hundreds of pregnant women and many newborns who need your chiropractic touch.​