Comprehensively covers all aspects of the pediatric experience, and is specifically designed to increase your confidence and competence in your management of the pediatric patient. From the moment that child first enters your practice, through the history taking and physical examination, the spinal and cranial adjusting procedures, to the specific management strategies most appropriate for that child.


    The Pediatric Excellence program is presented in video and interactive e-book format and is designed to be viewed on your desktop computer, your laptop or your iPad. This 100% online Chiropractic pediatric training program, provides extensive chiropractic pediatric instruction through the use of over 275 videos and multiple interactive e-books with embedded instructional chiropractic pediatric videos.

    This Pediatric Excellence program is the culmination of more than 30 years experience adjusting children, 10+ years of lecturing within the chiropractic profession and over 2 years of hard work piecing all of this knowledge together into the final product available today.


    Our programs are open to all chiropractors and chiropractic students who are interested in furthering their chiropractic pediatric learning. This is an ideal platform for students and new graduates to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the field of chiropractic pediatrics. It is also a valuable resource for experienced chiropractors to become masters in this field.


    Our program is 100% online. You are provided with a username and password, which then gives you access 24/7 from any device where you can access the internet. This includes, i-Pads, laptops, PC’s and Macs. It is possible to successfully complete the modules inside each program within a few weeks, however our experience is that chiropractors continue to refer back to the programs again and again, over many months and even years. The cutting edge educational technology providing over 200 videos and numerous interactive e-books are a wealth of ongoing resources for the family/pediatric chiropractor.


    Clinical assessment in the form of quizzes are available at the end of each module, should you chose to complete them. Once you have achieved a pass grade, you will be issued a certificate stating that you have successfully completed the module.


    There are other courses available which provide postgraduate chiropractic pediatric education to chiropractors. There are also weekend chiropractic pediatric seminars available. The value of a 100% online chiropractic pediatric training course such as this one, is that it allows for immediate (you can get started today) and ongoing (you have 24/7 access to the material including all the chiropractic pediatric instructional videos) chiropractic pediatric training. Within days you can make a quantifiable difference to your pediatric competence and confidence, and hence your pediatric certainty.

    The investment is also a fraction of the cost of many other chiropractic pediatric courses. (Especially if you take advantage of the special we currently have available.) The real value of our program lies in the fact that the focus in every module within each program is on the practical application of the material presented, so that you can implement the pediatric assessment technique, pediatric adjustment, or practice procedure into your practice immediately, and see the results instantly. As has been stated numerous times by current students of the program, “It’s like having your own pediatric chiropractor to observe whenever you need to!”

    There is also the obvious advantage of a 100% online program, where you learn from the comfort of your own home. There is no travelling involved, no flights, no staying overnight in hotels, no time away from your family. Everything you need is available literally at the touch of a button.

    On completion of each program you will receive a certificate stating you have successfully completed (33 or 119) hours of postgraduate studies in chiropractic pediatrics. (Please note that completion of the quizzes at the end of each module is NOT a requirement. You may wish to proceed through the program without answering the examination questions. The choice is yours.)


    Normally $2,230.00 This month only $1,395.00.
    Includes all 4 program modules plus access to the bonus module. Access for 2 Years.


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