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 Choosing and aligning with a mentor, allowing yourself to be influenced by someone you believe lives the character traits and ideals you admire with hopes perhaps of acting/being/achieving like them should be a part of any young person’s thought process regarding their future and the life they desire to build. You get all that?

     I am Henri Rosenblum DC, Palmer graduate class of 88. I have run 2 separate and very different practices in New York. Following graduation and 2 associate positions that both lasted 5 months I started We Care Chiropractic on 29th street, NYC, which in 2 years grew into Central Chiropractic on the corner of 42ndand Madison, both 90% insurance practices in the 90s. Years later after teaching at Life Chiropractic College (Life U) and working for Chiropractic Leadership Alliance I opened a simple home office in South Setauket NY where over 12 years I eventually was all cash and no employees. Presently in 2020 I continue to see patients part time at North Shore Family Chiropractic on Long Island at the office of my Chiropractor Gary Debenedetto DC PhC and also in NYC at 57th Street Chiropractic, the office of Gregg Rubenstein DC. At both offices I offer Cranial Facial Release, Specific Chiropractic Adjustments and Nutritional Guidance. My evolution now has me branded at www.DrHenri.com

     With my 14th mission trip to Haiti/Dr scheduled for March 24, I’m even more excited about MLIU’s upcoming College of Chiropractic Pediatrics Excellence trip, March 20-24. Both trips generate funds to support the only Chiropractic Orphanage in the world which was the vision of my good friend, partner, and mentor Peter Morgan DC. If you want to improve your pediatric skills I know of no better way than examining and adjusting 100s of children. Ask anyone who has already attended. 

     If I can help anyone in any way…. Drop me an email and please put the letters ADIO in the subject in case it jumps to junk. drhenri@drhenri.com