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After completion of the post graduate chiropractic pediatric program you will be automatically accepted to our three month pediatric chiropractic residency program! If you chose the residency program you would be on call every day for three months to adjust new born babies and/or adjust pregnant mom’s moments before birth. You will adjust hundreds of children and pregnant moms each week. You will live and eat at the Mission Life International orphanage. You will serve at several other orphanages and several hospitals. 

Program Location: Mission Life International family orphanage and health center, Ouanaminthe, Haiti

Next open classes are January 2021

Tuition: Mission Life International University 5 day Pediatric Post Graduate Program: $2999.00. Room and board not included.

Tuition: Chiropractic Pediatric Residency Program: $14,900  Includes Room and Board


Thank you for your interest in the Chiropractic Pediatric Residency Program at Mission Life International University. Our mission is to provide world-class post graduate chiropractic education and training to chiropractic pediatric residents in a nurturing environment in order to improve child health from a local, regional, national and global perspective through clinical care, education, advocacy and research.

Our program provides residents with extensive training in chiropractic pediatric care, as well as providing a superb foundation in general pediatrics. Our graduates are prepared to pursue careers in all areas of chiropractic pediatrics, including general practice, subspecialty practice, health policy, global health, research and advocacy.

Mission Life International University has many distinctive features which have helped contribute to our reputation as one of the leaders for the care of children and pediatric training. As you consider chiropractic pediatric programs in general, we encourage you to evaluate our program based on your goals, individual needs and values.