Comprehensively covers all aspects of the pediatric experience, and is specifically designed to increase your confidence and competence in your management of the pediatric patient. From the moment that child first enters your practice, through the history taking and physical examination, the spinal and cranial adjusting procedures, to the specific management strategies most appropriate for that child.



$49 a month. As a member of our college you will be involved in the constant education of chiropractic pediatrics. You will continue to learn and be able to teach our programs. You will learn to better understand yourself, your purpose and your goals.


Access to our pediatric Online Training Program Videos 

Have your name and contact details listed on the “Find a College of Chiropractic Practitioner”  a must in today’s Google driven practitioner search world

Additional “Members Only” materials designed to enhance your ability to communicate the need for chiropractic pediatric care.

“Members Only” CRT Conference Calls conducted by Dr. Morgan and Dr. Rosenblum or one of our accredited Instructors.


Two webinars per month by Drs. Morgan and Rosenblum, where they'll share with you all of their ultra successful signature systems and strategies. Come on LIVE, or listen in the archives of the members-only portal.  


Sunday night weekly master mind meetings  


Secret Facebook Group for training, implementation & support. Drs. Morgan and Rosenblum monitor this mastermind site to get you the support you need to continually grow your practice    


Discounts to our hands on chiropractic pediatrics programs. Opportunity to become a hands on chiropractic pediatric instructor.  


Discounts on our chiropractic mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti with chiromissions. Opportunity to become a Mission trip leader.  

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