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Applications are now open to Mission Life International University Chiropractic Pediatric Post Graduate Program and Chiropractic Pediatric Residency Program


Imagine being the top expert pediatric chiropractor in your community,  

in your state, in your country?


Imagine having the most extensive hands on experience with newborns, infants, toddlers children and pregnant women in your community, in your state, in your country.  


Imagine being the top expert in the chiropractic care of pregnant women? 


If you qualify Mission Life International University can provide you with this experience. 


We offer 10 hours of class instruction and 16 hours of hands on clinical instruction over 5 days. 

We provide hands on training with hundreds of children. Easy to follow chiropractic examination procedures for children of all

ages, including hands on adjusting of children of all ages.


Our program comprehensively covers all aspects of pediatric chiropractic care.

Our instruction is presented with your hands on examination, (we teach and then you examine) as well as your spinal and cranial adjusting techniques that we teach with hundreds of children. 

We have hundreds of children, hundreds of pregnant women and many newborns who need your chiropractic touch.


In addition to the five day chiropractic hands on training with hundreds of people who are pregnant, hundreds of children and even newborns, we send you home with access to over 275 videos and numerous interactive e books.  


You are provided with a username and password, which then gives you access 24/7 from any device where you can access the internet. This includes, i-Pads, laptops, PC’s and Macs. Our experience is that chiropractors continue to refer back to the programs again and again, over many months and even years. The cutting edge educational technology providing over 150 videos and numerous interactive e-books are a wealth of ongoing resources for the family/pediatric chiropractor.


In these videos we have volumes of information detailing the step by step approach to ethically and with the utmost integrity, inspire families within your community with an increased awareness of the role of chiropractors in managing the health of our children.


On completion of the program you will receive a certificate from Mission Life International University stating you have successfully completed 175 hours of postgraduate studies in chiropractic pediatrics. 


Entry Requirements: You must have graduated a chiropractic college. Please send us your diploma.

Presently the January/February/March classes are filling up. We only accept 16 students per class. Next open class is in the second week of January 2020.  Both programs are open to all chiropractors who are interested in furthering their chiropractic pediatric learning. This is an ideal platform for chiropractors and new graduates to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the field of chiropractic pediatrics. Next open three month residency program begins January 1, 2021. We only except 4 students per residency. 


A total of 175 continuing education hours.

Patient handouts and patient forms.


• Access to more than 275 instructional videos, multiple interactive e-books, patient forms and handouts.

• Step by step, easy to follow examination procedures for children of all ages.

• Options in technique selection

◦ Low impulse spinal adjusting for newborns and babies

◦ Manual and drop piece adjusting for toddlers and older children

◦ Low force cranial adjusting techniques for children of all ages

◦ Visceral adjusting

◦ Upper and lower limb management techniques and strategies

▪ bow legs- knock knees-flat feet-in-toeing-out-toeing-toe walking

▪ the fallen fibula-clavicular subluxations-pulled elbow

▪ so much more

Every individual technique and procedure clearly demonstrated with videos

The comprehensive management strategy of children with conditions such as retained primitive

reflexes, tongue tie, birth trauma, low tone.


In addition after completion of this program you will be automatically accepted to our three month pediatric chiropractic residency program! If you chose the residency program you would be on call every day for three months to adjust new born babies and/or adjust pregnant mom’s moments before birth. You will adjust hundreds of children and pregnant moms each week. You will live and eat at the Mission Life International orphanage. You will serve at several other orphanages and several hospitals. 


Program Location: Dajabon, Haiti

Villas Codevi (829) 745-6181

Next open classes are:

January 25-January 29, 2020


Tuition: Mission Life International University 5 day Pediatric Post Graduate Program: $2,999.00. Room and board included.

Tuition: Chiropractic Pediatric Residency Program: $14,900  Includes Room and Board


Thank you for your interest in the Chiropractic Pediatric Residency Program at Mission Life International University. Our mission is to provide world-class post graduate chiropractic education and training to chiropractic pediatric residents in a nurturing environment in order to improve child health from a local, regional, national and global perspective through clinical care, education, advocacy and research.

Our program provides residents with extensive training in chiropractic pediatric care, as well as providing a superb foundation in general pediatrics. Our graduates are prepared to pursue careers in all areas of chiropractic pediatrics, including general practice, subspecialty practice, health policy, global health, research and advocacy.

Mission Life International University has many distinctive features which have helped contribute to our reputation as one of the leaders for the care of children and pediatric training. As you consider chiropractic pediatric programs in general, we encourage you to evaluate our program based on your goals, individual needs and values.